Nose Bars
54" to 72" Long
Straight Toe or Flare Toe
48" Wrecking bar with claw
Many different styles available
Made in USA

Riggers Nose Bars

Also known as heel bars, pry bars, lip bars, toe bars, or jimmy bars

Nose Bars are commonly used by riggers, machinery movers and erectors for moving, lifting or prying. They are a true special purpose "tool of the trade".

Stock Size
1 1-1/8" 54" 14 Lbs.
2 1-1/4" 60" 18 Lbs.
3 1-3/8" 66" 22 Lbs.
4 1-1/2" 72" 26 Lbs.

Straight Toe - Width of toe is same as stock size
Flare Toe - Width of toe is twice as wide as stock size

Toe style is strictly by personal preference. However, consider the following:

  • Straight toe bars will fit into "keyways" in some machine tool bases
  • Flare toe bars may be better when you can't get perpindicular to the piece
Straight Toe

All bars are forged in the United States from the best quality carbon steel available. Bars have square heels to resist rolling, and are forged round at the handle for comfort. Four sizes are available, and each size is available in "Straight" toe or "Flare" toe

**Nose bars should not be used as jack handles**

Flare Toe

Pry Bars


Available in steel or wood

Poly Wheels

5', 6', or 7' lengths


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